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Get to your CORE

Get to your CORE

Get to your COREIn the last blog an important part of your coaching business – it’s CORE – was explored.  Today consider this blueprint on how to create, build, and strengthen your CORE.

Here is an easy checklist on how to do just that:

  1. Identify your Ideal Market
    1. Define your ideal coachee based on what their areas of interest or focus are and their demographic information.
    2. List places your ideal coachee spends time online and in their community.
    3. List the professional networking groups where your ideal coachee is involved.
  2. Identify your CORE
    1. Next to each type of focus, demographic, place for spending time, and professional networking group identified above, write the name of someone in your network.  For example a friend who’s tennis partner is your ideal client or a network colleague who is a realtor for your target market.
    2. Expand your list with new contacts through online and face-to-face networking.
  3. Grow your CORE
    1. Find opportunities to network online and face-to-face and focus on being helpful to them first.
    2. Ask for referrals.  Remember that as a coach you and other professionals can easily refer to each other; collaborating within your CORE is a winning proposition for everyone.
  4. Sustain your CORE
    1. Nurture your CORE network over time through periodic communication via email, phone, or text plus maintaining personal contact.
    2. Support people in your CORE with referrals or through sharing articles of interest.

It is safe to say that it is a good idea to get to your CORE.

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