Achieve and Sustain Excellence in Coaching 18

An excellent relationship between the coach and the client creates the opportunity for excellence in the coaching process.  Coaching sessions are an exercise in communication.  The client does most of the talking while the coach listens and asks questions.

In this blog series on excellence, developing and enhancing core  competencies and skills included creating your list of skills.  On the list are listening and powerful questioning.  During a coaching session, these
are the main skills you utilize.  After a coaching session, reflect on how well you listened and understood.  Review the questions you asked and how you will enhance your questions moving forward.

Through your questions as a coach, the client explores possibilities and considers their options.  Questions that are short, simple, and open-ended are most powerful because the client chooses priorities, focus, and direction.  Questions serve as a tool to partner in challenging ideas, opening the thinking, and discovering new opportunities.

After exploring, empower your client to decide on their strategy and create a plan of action to implement it.  Ask questions so your client pins down how and when they will take each action step.  Ensure the strategy is realistic and achievable.  Excellence is an ongoing process so follow-up consistently with your coaching client on their action steps.

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