What types of coaching are there?

Coaching has application in every facet of the working world, family, and in the communities in which people participate.  Companies are now developing a “coaching culture” and the leaders are using a “coaching style of management” to enhance results.  On a personal level, learning the people and communication skills that are considered basic competencies for a coach helps with relationships at home, in the community, and when serving as a volunteer.

The coaching niche areas number in the thousands.  Generally speaking, coaching is identified with one of four large categories.

  • Career coaching serves individuals looking for a job, redefining their career, or advancing their career.
  • Life coaching supports exploration and action in areas meaningful to the individual including relationships, family, legacy, life purpose, spirituality, life management, and transitions.
  • Business coaches often work with individual owners or managers of small to mid-sized businesses.
  • Executive coaches provide services to individuals in the corporate world.

These categories serve as a general way of describing coaching.  Each type of coaching may and often does overlap in to the other areas.

When coaches are trained, the focus is on developing their coaching skills.  Their background, experience, and previous education provide the foundation for their coaching niche area or areas.

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