Coaching with 5 Steps to Work / Life Balance

Ask your client and ask yourself: Is your current lifestyle and career your goal? Do you ever find yourself struggling to be all things at all times? Meet the family needs, take care of the work demands, and juggle all the things that need to be done. Did you forget about taking care of yourself? Now is a new day and your opportunity! Meet the challenge and create your balance. Every small victory counts, so share the enthusiasm!

1. Coaching to Create a Plan to Balance between Home, Work, and Self

Consider what the commitments are to home, work, and self, where the priorities are, and how you want to balance. Create a list of what you need to do, and what you want to do for each priority. Number the list in order of importance. Schedule your week: time for needs and high priorities first, continuing through your list.

1. Analyze the difference between needs and wants

2. Prioritize

3. Schedule time for each

2. Coaching Tools to Build Confidence Daily

Because there is so much negative around us, complaining, bad news, problems, etc., it is important to intentionally build positive into your thoughts. Remember the old saying, “Garbage in, garbage out?” So: positive in and positive out!

1. Talk positively to yourself and about yourself

2. Listen to positive, proactive radio or CD’s while driving

3. Use positive affirmations

3. Coach for Personal Development: Learn Negotiation and Communication Skills

How often do you negotiate? Each time you have a conversation! Do you struggle saying no? Do you take on more than is reasonable? The power of effective communication and negotiation is that you can clearly demonstrate respect for the other person and for yourself, earning their respect while setting boundaries.

1. Take a class on each and practice

2. Join or start a Master Mind group

3. Say no gracefully

4. Coach to Track Successes

Have you ever been discouraged? Have you ever had an unfair performance review? Do you encourage others and forget to encourage yourself? What message does that send? By listing what you achieve, you have something you can refer to when you are down. The list is a powerful tool during performance reviews. Celebrating successes with your family encourages your family to celebrate their successes too!

1. Keep a private list for yourself

2. Keep a list at work for when your review happens

3. Celebrate with your family

5. Coach to Praise Others

When you tell others good things, you feel better. You are leading by example. You are teaching your children to be confident. You are creating a positive work atmosphere. People want to feel good and when you empower them it empowers you naturally.

1. Tell your family good things daily

2. Tell your children to be proud of themselves

3. Tell coworkers about their good work

* Because taking the time to consider options and make choices empowers you to be in control, it is your key starting point.

* Confidence shows, and intentionally building confidence creates opportunities for you to be decisive and make choices.

* Each day you negotiate at work and home about tasks and priorities, which means skill development is naturally empowering.

* Tracking your successes means you are realizing and experiencing the benefits of your balance.

* Praising others is positive and creates support around you at work and at home.

Visualize yourself and your life after thirty days of completely committing to these steps. Does it feel great? Does it look ideal? Does it sound just right?

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