What is the role of a coach?

Words: Training, coaching, success
Words: Training, coaching, success
What’s the Role of a Coach?

A coach is a strategy partner.  Exploring strategy is essential for creating the best possibility of a successful outcome.  The coach challenges and expands thinking so the client fully considers and develops their approach.

A coach is a sounding board.  The opportunity to brainstorm and talk through different ideas supports effective decision making.

A coach is a provider of perspective.  While it is easy to give advice and suggestions, it is most effective when an individual figures out their own answer.  When a client is truly stuck, a coach will provide several different examples or perspectives to empower their thinking and planning.

A coach is an intention partner.  A coach supports a client by ensuring they are intentional about their strategy and action steps.  A coach partners with the client to stay focused.

A coach is a motivation partner.  The coach asks the clients questions to create awareness of what they do want and their internal motivation, then regularly asks them about the benefit and value of continuing to move toward their goals.

A coach is an accountability partner.  The coach checks in with a client on their progress.   The coach explores with a client what is holding them back and how they will move forward.  The coach also recognizes success along the way and partners with the client to acknowledge what they achieve to them self.

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