Health and Wellness Coaches Collaborate with Other Professionals

Health and Wellness Coaches Collaborate with Other Professionals

Health and Wellness Coaches often collaborate closely with other professionals to best serve clients. The collaborations range from the effectively giving credit to other services and their benefits to informal awareness of providing services at the same time to full coordination of services and strategies.

Specific Ways Health and Wellness Coaches Collaborate:

  • Clients sign permissions for professionals to share information and talk. In this way everyone is on the same page and working together to support client objectives.
  • Health aHealth and Wellness Coaches Collaborate with Other Professionalsnd wellness professionals often refer clients to coaches so that the coaching process effectively engages the client in their own care.
  • Clients sign to give coaches access to their records so that the coach has the client history and is fully aware when partnering with the client to develop their strategies and design actions.
  • Coaches refer clients to other professionals as appropriate for the client.
  • Coaches fully engage clients in accessing other services and then planning based on what they learn, what they choose, and what supports their objectives.

Most significantly, Health and Wellness Coaches collaborate with clients directly as their partner in the coaching process so that the client is fully empowered. Specifically, the Health and Wellness Coach serves as a sounding board, a provider of perspective, a focus partner, a motivation partner, and an accountability partner.

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