What is your CORE?

What is your CORE?

What is your CORE?One of the definitions of the word CORE in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary is “a basic, essential, or enduring part (as of an individual, a class, or an entity)”.  In addition to this very meaningful explanation, in coaching the word is also an acronym for “Circle Of Referral Experts”.

What is the significance of CORE?  The answer lies in the anatomy of the acronym:

Circle: A circle is self-sustained in that it has no end

Of: Belonging to / Relating to

Referral: Recommendation through written or oral communication

Experts:  A person or people with comprehensive and authoritative knowledge of a subject.

Based on the anatomy above, the CORE of any coaching practice can be its life-blood.  This is both true for newly graduating coaches and also for veterans of the industry.  At all times the CORE of a coaching practice is significant in its importance or influence. This is because there is tremendous value for the support of your talents both by itself or when paired with other marketing strategies like advertising, trade fairs, speaking engagements etc.  It is therefore imperative for every coach to consider creating and maintaining a CORE to support their practice.

The process takes time and effort; it supports effectively building your coaching practice.  By creating, growing, and sustaining your CORE, your professional profile is likely to rise exponentially as is your reputation as a contributing and enterprising member of your profession.

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