3 Decisions to Get Started as a Coach

Equipping Managers to Lead

The Three Decisions: When you are thinking about being a coach, it is important to reflect on your level of commitment to the work, to identify how you want to do the work of a coach, and to be clear on your commitment to the effort involved.

First Decision: How invested are you in being a coach? coaching is a profession and a biz blog

ICF Code of Ethics

  • Are you willing to get the right coach training?
  • Are you willing to earn membership in the International Coaching Federation by completing 60 hours of training and to be accountable to the Code of Ethics?

If answer no to either question, then you are not ready to be a professional coach.  Learning coaching will be for developing a skill set.

The gold standard for becoming a professional coach is a minimum of 60 hours of training and joining the International Coaching Federation, ICF, as a member.  Advancing as a coach means earning a credential with the ICF.  Review the steps at https://www.coachcert.com/about/faqs/how-to-become-a-coach.html

Second decision: What do you want to do as a coach?

Consider whether you want to:

  • have coaching as part of a job,
  • be a coach as a full-time employee,
  • add coaching to an existing set of services you already offer,
  • offer coaching in your own part or full-time business, or
  • want coaching as a skill set.

If you decide you want a job as a coach, consider that finding and getting the right job takes time and involves a great resume, effective networking and job search strategies, powerful interviewing, and negotiating salary.  Having a business includes planning your product or service offerings, marketing, and more.  Coaching is a skill set that is helpful in all roles plus is increasingly expected of leaders.

Third Decision: What level of effort you are willing to put into being successful?

For example:

  • Finding a job is a full-time job.
  • Building a business takes time, energy, and money.

When you want to be a professional of any type, it takes a consistent commitment over time.  Be intentional with your time and actions to create success.

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