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Building Upon Strength

Building Upon Strength

In coaching, it is up to the client how their agenda is approached. Sometimes their focus is on the lowest point, or where the fragility seems to show. In building a coaching relationship, sometimes a client is unsure of where to begin and shies away from deep conversation, so finding a path inward might prove to be a bit of a puzzle. When the coaching relationship is built upon rapport with vision, strengths, and values at the core, weaknesses become part of the puzzle and an opportunity. Exploring the client’s strengths and building trust creates a space for deeper, more thoughtful parts to open up.

Identifying what is working, where there is potential, and where there are strengths that give a client the feeling of achievement. This often offers a conversation with bigger vistas, opening new ideas about how growth potential may take place.

Building Upon Strength Examples of Questions:

  • What are your greatest traits?
  • What are your greatest strengths?
  • How did you get here?
  • What will your bridge of strength be built with?
  • How do you establish yourself?
  • What is your greatest vision for yourself?

Coaching engages and energizes clients, giving motivation for forward progress.

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