Understanding a Coaching Client and Their Objectives

Understanding a Coaching Client and Their Objectives

Prior to engaging a new client, start by establishing a common understanding of the coaching relationship.  During the coaching, the coach uses what they learned in coaching certification to be present to and understand their client as an individual.  The coach partners with the client for understanding of client goals, motivators, possibilities, opportunities, challenges, strategies, and plans. Understanding a Coaching Client and Their Objectives

About Understanding:

  • Before offering professional coaching, attend training for insight on establishing an understanding of the coaching process and for the techniques to understand the client.
  • Before beginning coaching, understand client outcome goals and define measurement of the return on investment (ROI).
  • When coaching, focus intentionally to understand the client’s personal style, learning style, and focus.

Understanding is Important Because:

  • The coach provides the client with information to understand the coaching process.
  • For effective coaching, the coach focuses on understanding the client and adjusts to the client’s preferences.
  • Establishing an understanding of the client’s outcome goals creates the framework for the coaching conversation.

Considerations from Understanding:

  • Utilize a coaching style that best serves the client.
  • Commit to lifelong learning and training on listening skills to further understanding.
  • Commit to lifelong learning and training on communication styles and personalities to understand the client.


  • Clarify the coaching process and value of outcome goals.
  • Be present to the client’s style and priorities.
  • Clarify and focus on the client’s priorities and goals.

Understanding in coaching involves understanding in so many ways: the client understand what coaching is, a common understanding for how the relationship works, the coach understanding the client to adjust the process to them, a common understanding of the client’s goals and considerations, an exploration of understanding for reflection and learning, and understanding the strategies and plans for moving forward.  Coaching certification is an essential step for learning and developing how to create understanding.


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