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Remote Workers: Recruiting and Hiring the Best, Part 2

Remote Workers- Recruiting and Hiring the Best

Remote Workers: Recruiting and Hiring the Best, Part 2

By Wendy A. www.contentcampfire.com

Welcome everyone! Today’s blog is part 2 of a 3-part series. Remote Workers- Recruiting and Hiring the Best

Use a shortlisting process

Getting a couple of promising resumes can indicate a quick selection. A practice that boosts your efficiency more is using a shortlisting process. This process allows you to identify top-notch candidates and quickly progress to the interview.

A shortlisting process is more effective when you’ve already narrowed in on essential applicant criteria. You can create a scoring or check system that helps you rank experience and skills. As part of the process, you can also employ pre-employment assessments that will only advance those best-suited for the role.

Consider multiple online platforms

Do not rely solely on a single tool for selecting applicants. Widen your perspective. Job hiring platforms such as Upwork.com allow you to hire from a large pool of remote workers. You can also use the professional networking site LinkedIn. When it’s time to schedule an interview, you can choose various tools like Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, FaceTime, and even phone interviews.

Your recruitment process determines the parameters of your hiring options. There are a lot of available platforms and tools at your fingertips. Broadening your reach and capabilities broadens the applicant pool from which you can choose. Do some research to familiarize yourself with some commonly used tools and techniques to maximize your hiring efforts.

Communicate with candidates

Practice proper etiquette when recruiting or hiring employees for your company. Remember, you are carrying the name of your business, and through hiring, people have heard about your work. Thus, if an individual fails to pass any part of the selection process, tell them.

No one wants to find out they missed out on a job opportunity from a secondary source. You can control the narrative by being honest and timely with your applicant pool. Avoid rumors and gossip negatively affecting your business. By keeping your candidates informed of their progress, you help strengthen your company’s reputation.

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