The Six Cs of Transformational Coaching

Jane Strorm

by Jane McCarthy  www.JaneStorm.comJane McCarthy

Transformational coaching is a powerful experience designed to deliver a unique and breakthrough process for a client.

Signing up with a coach takes commitment.  A client must know what purpose a coach will serve for them.  Coaching is a strategic partnership empowering the client to clarify goals, create action plans and move past roadblocks to success.  As a coach, ask yourself, “How will I serve my clients?

Setting the tone with an agreement that outlines the coaching process provides the framework for a client to commit.  Clearly defining what is expected, the time it will take, and reinforcing the honesty and trust components sets the tone for the relationship to flourish.  It is important to set goals for the overall coaching process as well as those for each coaching session.  Co-creating a relationship where accountability and progress are measured falls under commitment.

Creating your mission and vision statement and a clear message is imperative for attracting clients.  Knowing what makes you unique and the skills that make you stand out are the ingredients for building your client base.  There are ways to build up your brand (YOU).  Create a blog, a newsletter, or a video; speak at conferences or hold workshops; have a regular posting schedule on social media.  Sign up to be a podcast guest or start your own podcast.  Express who you are authentically.  Invite people get to know you and what you offer.  Share resources, favorite books, and stories that grab hold of potential client’s interest to learn more about you and your brand.  Take steps to gain commitment, know your target client, and inspire them.  Develop rapport.  When commitment and the client are in focus, the transformation has begun!

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