Dancing in the Moment

Alisa Atkinson McDonald

by Alisa Atkinson McDonald Alisa Atkinson McDonald


Dance Like No One Is Looking…

As a young child I remember freely dancing with my family and friends to express myself.   Springing into a spontaneous dance and tapping into mind, body, and soul simultaneously energized me to pave a clear path towards next steps.

  • How do you tune and embrace your music to dance freely?
  • How do you create clarity for your musical “aha” moment?
  • How does pace and timing synchronize perfectly to move you towards success?
  • What are basic steps for your free-flowing dance that easily highlights your goals and priorities?

Dancing in the moment is the soul of the client-coach conversation.

A great coach will use skill and muscle memory while creating space for the client to easily work through their thoughts, plans, and actions.  By asking powerful questions, co-creating a plan, developing a trusting partnership, identifying the accountability method, authentically communicating, and actively listening the coach walks with the client through meaningful self-discovery.  Gaining deep insights, then clearly understanding goals and priorities will result in taking important steps towards their success.

Discover how to tap into your unique dance by checking out my chapter, “Dancing in the Moment” in the Coaching Perspectives X book.

Let us DANCE together!


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