Creating and Implementing a Dream

Roxanne Ostlund

by Roxanne Ostlund Roxanne

Challenges spark creativity and todays pandemic (or any other life challenge for that matter) can stir up exactly what will inspire you to create afresh across a myriad of interest centers, be it finance, work, fitness, health, or just plain boredom.

It is time to pole vault yourself to award winning new heights!  It is a great time to start dreaming a new dream!  It is an even better time to read a chapter on “Creating and Implementing a Dream” in Coaching Perspectives X.

It is time to explore new frontiers.  Find stimulating and provocative questions to spark your own creative thought processes.  Continue to expand upon and build exciting new prospects for all your interests.  Generate new perspectives for creating ideas and busting through obstacles. Learn to utilize obstacles for making ideas even bigger and better.

You will find new joy in taking time to dream and create the next grand adventure for business or well-being.  You will learn a new way to build and the means to follow your path to complete your project exactly as you knew you is possible! “Creating and Implementing a Dream” will help you successfully build your road, then drive right on up it to your destination.

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