Social Media for Coaches

This is 13 in a series of 24 blog posts on Business and Marketing.

When discussing social media, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, coaches may be concerned about the time involved or the lack of privacy.  Some question the importance of social media.  In today’s world, if you are in business then social media is essential.  The good news is that you choose what information you include and you plan your calendar.

A profile on LinkedIn makes sense simply because of the number of users on LinkedIn and how often people look for talent using the site.  A profile on LinkedIn is similar in many ways to a resume or to the bio you provide on your website.  Whether someone is looking for a coach or checking you out as a potential coach, LinkedIn is a common stop.  Invest the time to complete your profile and do include a professional picture.  Then join groups and participate in discussions.

While Facebook is often perceived as a social site, it does have business pages and one interesting fact is that the average user connects to more business pages than they do to other people.  Start with a personal page and choose what information you provide and who you are friends with on Facebook.  Create a business page and invite your friends to like it.  Provide information and insights to encourage visits.

Twitter is often referred to as a mini-blog.  It is an excellent opportunity to provide thought-provoking ideas or resources to people that follow you on Twitter.  Additionally, by following others you learn about what people are discussing.

Whether you are a business, life, career, or executive coach, part of building and sustaining your coaching client base is being involved with social media consistently.

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