How to Get Coach Training

How to Get Coach Training

How to Get Coach TrainingBeing a trained, certified coach is critical to the success of both the client and the coach.  For the client, a trained coach means a greater opportunity for growth and success, often the primary reasons people engage coaches.  Training also ensures that the coach applies the 11 Core Coaching Competencies which means: the coach focuses on the client, asks open-ended questions, has solid awareness of the ethics and boundaries connected to coaching, and understands exactly what the role of a coach is when working with a client.

The most important criteria when searching for a coach training program is that the program is approved by the International Coach Federation, a nonprofit professional membership organization that is the gold standard in coaching and coach training.  An ICF-approved program requires the training to have a foundation in the ICF Code of Ethics and the Core Competencies so that the participants develop the appropriate skills and meet professional standards.  ICF member coaches are also required to pursue continuing education in order to retain and renew their membership and/or credentials.

There are many coach training programs available; begin by identifying what is important to you in training.  For example, use the following list:

  • Location
  • Cost
  • ICF-approved
  • Accredited to Offer CEUs (Continuing Education Units)
  • Program Built on the 11 Core Competencies
  • Resources Provided
  • Follow-up Support

The Center for Coaching Certification is approved through the ICF and offers coach training programs in cities across the United States and also online.

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