Yes, you can teach an old dog new tricks! Science says so!

Mel O'Keefe

By Mel O’Keefewww.MelOKeefe.comMel O'Keefe

There were so many ‘aha’ moments that came out of CCC’s outstanding Science of Positivity class I could do a month’s worth of blogging!  For today’s purpose I will keep it to my title and my chosen fields of expertise.  The relatively new field of Neuroplasticity is a direction I’ve been heading in ever since the first webinar because it has applications in my field as a Personal Trainer as well as being a Wellness Coach.

I’m getting old!  P.S. so are you!  For all of the sixty years of my life my sole experience of aging is that “it sucks”.  Okay, maybe 99 percent.  The conventional wisdom has been that as you age you lose it….it being strength, mental acuity, and the rest that any of you over the age of 50 will nod your head to in agreement.  Thankfully science has taken over conventional wisdom!

The quintessential surrendering of our physique, mental and physical strength has been a con!  One that we were sadly unaware of until now.  It makes complete sense.  There has not been the technology to counter this so-called conventional wisdom until recent years.  Now we know that the brain and the body don’t have to atrophy.  They don’t even have to accept the status quo.  Growth in all areas is available to each and every one of us – because science says so!

Now to my other wonderful area of expertise, Wellness Coaching.  Now that I’ve captured your attention about anything being possible, it begets the question of “how are you going to succeed in your newfound and exhilarating zest for life?”  Because without a road map to lead you towards these exciting (no longer painful) years of your aging, getting lost is as easy when you’re old as when you’re young!  For me, I’m taking the same high road that Theodore Roosevelt took.  “We must all either wear out or rust out, every one of us.  My choice is to wear out.”


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