Stop Selling Start Coaching with 4 Strategies

Stop Selling - Start Coaching

Many of the coaches who complete training share that they dislike selling (often in stronger terms than that).  What is behind the fear of selling?  They feel selling is pushy and obnoxious.  They are afraid of what will happen.  They want to coach instead because they want to help people.  FEAR = False Expectations Appearing Real. Stop Selling - Start Coaching

The challenge, of course, is that to help people means being available and that involves selling.  What is selling?  Selling is offering something of value for money.  Is there a different way?  Yes!  Stop Selling and Start Coaching!

Start by focusing on your love of Coaching.  LOVE = Listen, Outline, Value, Explore.  Listen to what people want, help them outline the options for accomplishing it (including coaching), ask them to define the value of their success, and explore which option they want to choose.

  1. Listen

How is selling different from coaching?  Selling is perceived as telling.  Coaching is asking.  Instead of telling someone about coaching, that they will benefit, and that they “should” do it, focus on asking them about resources for moving forward, asking how coaching will serve them, and asking them what they want.  Listen to their answers!

  1. Outline

How will you create the shift from selling to coaching?  Use your coach training and follow the coaching process.  Be a partner while someone considers the possibility of coaching and hold the space for them to make their own choice. Partner with them to outline their options plus the pros and cons of each.

  1. Value

Using coaching, ask them what it means to them to achieve their goals.  Ask them to consider the value of their success.  Ask them the value of having a coach to support them on their journey.

  1. Explore

Partner with them to list their ideas for how to move forward, the reasons for or against each, and then ask them what they choose.

How does coaching instead of selling increase your coaching business?  Coaching someone as they explore the option of a coaching relationship models the service you offer.  Coaching instead of selling creates a safe space and whatever someone decides is okay.  This increases the probability of them being comfortable choosing coaching.  This also means that even if they decide not to pursue coaching, they will be comfortable referring others.

Stop Selling and Start Coaching!

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