Work-place Coaching that Addresses the Whole Person

When executive coaching includes a whole-person approach, what is different?  In the process taught to Certified Professional Coaches at the Center for Coaching Certification, the coaching engagement begins with a questionnaire that asks about goals in all areas.  This creates a big picture that is naturally empowering for the coachee and ensures full understanding by the coach of the various considerations the coachee faces.  After asking the coachee about all of their goals in all areas of their life, the coach works with the coachee to ensure focus, develop habits that support success, and support coachee motivation.

Whole-person coaching then moves to the same set of questionnaires used when coaching is strictly job-focused and the primary purpose of the coaching is tied directly to the job.  The executive coach and coachee use coaching sessions for job-related goals.  When personal factors influence work, the coach has a deeper understanding and the coachee comfortably discusses the considerations to create a proactive plan and specific action steps.

This process does include time for understanding the whole person because employees do bring their whole self to work and what is happening in their life affects job performance.  The primary emphasis of the executive coaching sessions remains on the job.

When a coach offers the option of either keeping sessions strictly job-focused or take a whole-person approach, which do you think most people choose?

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