Running a Coaching Business from a Home Office

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Because coaching is done on the telephone 80% of the time, starting a coaching business from a home office makes logistical and economic sense.  On the other hand, it does mean considering where in the home the office is located to ensure privacy and client confidentiality.

When you are on the phone with a client, being in a quiet space is essential for professionalism.  If a dog or people are heard over the phone, this means several things to a client: the conversation is not private, your focus is questionable, and that you lack professionalism. A key consideration is the confidentiality of your notes on your computer and on paper.  If your office space is accessed by others, then confidentiality may be compromised.  It means having a separate room for your coaching business office and limiting access is a basic requirement.

While it is incredibly convenient working from home, do consider how your routine impacts your focus.  Are you more effective when you dress for an office or when you dress in clothes you wear for relaxing?  For example, some will get up, shower, and dress professionally for work because it puts them in a frame of mind that is effective.  Others value working in shorts and a t-shirt.

Another consideration is that when you do work from home, others may lack awareness that you really are working.  Family members may think you are available to them or to handle chores during working hours.  It is essential to establish coaching office hours and set clear boundaries.

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