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Meeting the Challenge: Engaging New Coaching Clients

Coaches that completed their coach training share one of their big challenges is engaging new clients.  Part of it is a fear of selling, part is a lack of confidence, and part is a lack of knowledge as to how to engage new clients.

Meeting the Challenge: Engaging New Coaching Clients

Engaging New Coaching Clients

First, let’s address the fear of selling.  To be successful, each coach must go through a paradigm shift.  The word FEAR stands for: False Expectations Appearing Real.  The reality is that in terms of coaching, we are offering a service for those who are interested.  Selling implies pushing and we are instead inviting.  Focus on letting people know you are available if and when people want coaching.

Second, let’s talk about confidence.  In the Certified Professional Coach program, during the second session each participant is given the single most powerful tool for developing their own confidence and coaching language.  Both support your effectiveness and success as a coach.  An additional thought: if the only thing you do is use the process you learned during coaching certification, then you are adding value for clients.

Next, let’s move to knowledge on how to engage clients.  Quite simply, learning and applying your coaching competencies is the knowledge required for engaging coaching clients.  To support this, in this blog series we will take each area of competency and explain how to apply the competencies to help you engage new clients.

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