Showcase Coaching Knowledge

coach trainingExperience has shown that when you offer training, participants who want a coach will reach out.  Training programs are easily hosted online and face-to-face events in your community are a great opportunity for you to connect with coaching prospects too.  Training is an opportunity to build your client base while you are earning. 

Start by developing several workshops – generally 1 hour, 3 hours (half day), and 6 hours (all day) work well for most purposes.  Choose your topics based on what is of interest for your ideal client.  Ensure you are providing valuable content and include activities for participants to apply the concepts.

If you want to train for others, reach out to organizations that offer programs in the community.  Explore what conferences are planned in your area and research their process for submitting a proposal.  Colleges, universities, and technical schools often are interested in programs. 

Hosting your own event is easily managed too.  Venue options include a community center, the library, hotel meeting spaces, shared office centers, and even local businesses with an interest in your topic.  Promote the event in community calendars, papers, and online.

Participants at your training event have the opportunity to hear your expertise, gain a sense of your personality, and see your professionalism.  This creates a comfort level for them to ask about your coaching services.

Share your insights on offering training as a way to connect with coaching clients here in a comment.

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