Balancing Vacations with Coaching Sessions and Progress

Balancing Vacations with Coaching Sessions and Progress

Balancing Vacations with Coaching Sessions and ProgressSummer time – a time to relax, a time to have fun, a time to get away.  Summer is a great opportunity to refresh and rejuvenate.  Now consider this perspective: when schools explored a year-round calendar versus the traditional nine-month calendar, the key benefits included having a shorter gap between classes and having a longer vacation in the fall and the spring.  This positively impacted student learning.  How does this apply to coaching?  Manage the gap between sessions and plan vacations too.  After all, coaches take vacations and clients take vacations.  What is the plan for coaching sessions?  Keep in mind that schedules may impact the ability to maintain consistency.

Specific Tips:

  • Review your scheduling to manage time between sessions with clients given both your and their vacation schedules.  For example, perhaps schedule sessions ten days apart before and after vacations to maintain consistency and the number of sessions.  Alternatively, if your vacations are scheduled at different times look at the last days before and the first days after the combined vacation dates.
  • Explore the possibility of planning a longer time between coaching sessions during the summer.  With this approach, strategize with your client on how they will maintain their momentum.
  • Invite the client to explore how they want to both maximize their vacation time and maintain their positive, forward focus.  Ask them for their action plan.

Enjoy your vacation time and come back ready for more successes!

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