Opportunity for Prospective Coaching Clients

As a coach, one tool for building a client base is a free introductory coaching session.  When someone is considering hiring a coach for the first time, their knowledge about coaching may be limited.  Offering a free introductory session gives them an opportunity to experience the coaching process and how you work as a coach.

A free introductory session is generally 20 or 30 minutes – enough time for a real experience while at the same time making it manageable as a coach offering a free service.  Let prospective clients know you offer a free session with an ad on your website, by printing it on the back of your business card, when networking, or by announcing it when you present or train.

When providing a free introductory session, be intentional with your process and your questions.  At the Center for Coaching Certification we provide a questionnaire for this session that includes an opportunity to explore a few goals and an opportunity to explore the value of coaching for the prospective client.  This is an opportunity for you to ensure the coaching relationship is a good fit both for the prospective client and for you as a coach.

After an introductory session, ask the prospective coaching client if they want time to think about coaching or if they know they want to get started.  Offer referrals to other coaches if appropriate.  Provide information on your agreement and code of ethics, and schedule a follow-up.

What are your thoughts on a free introductory coaching session?

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