Acknowledgement – A Pillar of Self-Confidence

Birgit Rohm

By Birgit Rohm

Birgit RohmIn the previous blog, we explored the first pillar of confidence, connection. Now we continue with the second pillar.

During coach training one of the competencies taught and developed includes Evokes Awareness. This is a starting point for this next pillar.

Acknowledgement: It is important to be aware of, acknowledge, and validate thoughts and emotions of all kinds. In short, our own appreciation. Can we give ourselves grace by acknowledging and accepting if something was hurtful or that something went wrong? Can we be best friends to ourselves or is the inner critic constantly working at full speed? Emotion (E-Motion) is energy, impulses in flow, which come with a beginning and an end, whether it is anger, frustration, sadness or joy. When we acknowledge our emotions, they run in a healthy flow so expressing them or accepting them happens naturally. Children are the best role models for this; one moment they are sad, the next happy, the next frustrated, etc. They live the healthy flow. Feelings can be lived outwardly as with children. Or inner recognition alone can calm emotions. What doesn’t calm them down is the anger at the anger or the anger at the sadness or the expectation of the inner critic. Instead of calming down, more emotions are added. The owning and acknowledgment of all emotions is the solution.

What happens in the body when we do not process emotional stress?

If we do not allow emotional stress to be processed, neurotransmitters such as adrenaline and cortisol are permanently emitted. The body is in a permanent state of alert, i.e. all our energy is used for this, and healing or reproduction is on hold. Sooner or later the body will pull the plug, in whatever form.

What can we do to send out messenger substances that activate our healing and reproduction and thus make us agile and fit?

This leads us directly to the next pillar of our self-confidence – our self-care.  In the next blog that pillar is explored.


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