Case Study aligned the first section of the ICF 11 Core Competencies

In the first blog post of this series the case study was set up; now explore what happens side-by-side with the 11 Core Competencies.

  1. Setting the Foundation
    1. Meeting Ethical Guidelines and Professional Standards
    2. Establishing the Coaching Agreement

David asked Marie to explain the coaching process.  Marie shared that first she would act as a consultant and administer the 360 assessment.  She explained she was certified in this assessment tool.  Then, Marie described how she would switch to a coaching role.  In the first coaching session, the purpose is to explore the big picture and understand all aspects of what David wants.  In the second session the focus is on how David will develop the thinking and habits to support his success.  In the third session the top priorities are identified, strategy discussed, and action steps planned.  David asked questions about the process and decided that it made sense.  He stated that while it would be challenging to explore non-work areas too he felt comfortable with Marie and recognized the value of the process.

Marie went on to explain that the role of the coach is to serve as a sounding board, provider of perspective, strategy partner, explore intention, serve as motivation partner, and be an accountability partner.  Marie explained that while the company had the role of sponsor, David had the role of client.  Marie provided David with an agreement that defined the relationship, called for a commitment of three months, and cited the Code of Ethics.  Marie also provided David with the Code of Ethics and reviewed several key points.  Then they discussed what information would be shared with the Board of Directors.  Marie explained the ethics of confidentiality.  The Board of Directors had stated that reporting was not expected; Marie would only share what David wanted shared.

Through this conversation, as the coach Marie ensured David was aware of and comfortable with her commitment to the Code of Ethics.  The two discussed the process and explored the fit for this coaching engagement.  The roles were defined and Marie provided a written agreement.  The foundation of the relationship was set effectively.

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