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Resources Provided to Graduates on the Assessment Dashboard

In addition to wholesale pricing and being able to brand assessment reports with your information, the assessment dashboard given to all graduates includes a multitude of resources.

Resources Provided to Graduates on the Assessment Dashboard

Resources Provided to Graduates

Resources Included:

  • Virtual Tour of Your Account – A quick overview of your account
  • DISC Trainer Materials
  • Motivators Trainer Materials
  • Hartman Value Profile Trainer Materials
  • EIQ (Emotional Intelligence) Trainer Materials
  • Learning Styles Trainer Materials
  • Sales IQ Plus Trainer Materials
  • Platinum Rule Trainer Materials
  • Certification – Practitioner Certification
  • Marketing One-Sheets
  • Sample Reports
  • Demo Assessments
  • Webinars – Previously recorded webinars

With these resources you can explore what each of the assessments covers, how to use it, and how to debrief it.

More good news: if you want to be certified in one or more of these tools, the certification itself is also priced at wholesale – a nice additional benefit.

Because many coaching clients and sponsors seek assessments for the insight and a tool for creating change, having the dashboard with the ability to give assessments is a great value-add for your coaching business.  The real question becomes: when will you take advantage of this amazing resource provided for your benefit?

When you complete your coach training at the Center for Coaching Certification, you will receive your own, password-protected personal dashboard – enjoy!

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