Enhancing Coaching Competencies

In keeping with the core value of excellence, most coaches want to continue learning and enhance their skills to better serve their clients.  This is fast becoming a requirement in coaching through standards for professionals.  As other professions have before, coaching is now moving toward self-regulation with the International Coaching Federation, ICF.  To become a member of the ICF, 60 hours of training is a prerequisite, and continuing education is mandatory to maintain membership.

What are the different approaches or opportunities for enhancing coaching competencies?  Possibilities include: training, learning exercises, self-evaluation of competencies, planning implementation of learning, practice and experience, feedback, peers, a coach, self-directed study, and continuing education.  This blog series will explore these if further detail.

When enhancing coaching skills, it makes sense to consider strengths and to consider areas for development.  As a guide for professional coaches, the International Coaching Federation list of Core Competencies is described fully on their website here.  Also listed there and providing excellent additional awareness is how these competencies are evaluated for professionals seeking credentialing beyond the membership.

As a note: The Certified Professional Coach program is designed specifically to develop the Core Competencies with training, learning exercises, self-evaluation, planning implementation of learning, practice, feedback, and continuing education.  In the Certified Master Coach program this is taken to an even higher level. 

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