Coaching Skills Applied in Other Roles

Often times participants in coaching certification classes have jobs other than coaching.  Their reason for engaging in the coach training is because coaching skills are applicable in all jobs and, in our personal lives as well.  This blog series will provide examples in multiple scenarios.  Start with a personal example.

Parent: What do you want to do this weekend?

Child: I don’t know.

Parent: Then let’s plan to clean the house and after we can go to a movie.

Child: Well, I really want to hang out with my friends.

Parent: OK.  When do you want to hang out with your friends?

Child: I don’t know.

Parent: Given that you don’t know when, how do you want to plan our time?

Child: I am not sure.

Parent: Options include checking with your friends, scheduling our time and then using remaining time to hang out with friends, not planning time with friends and waiting to see if you do hang out with them, inviting them to join us for a movie, or staying home to clean and not planning anything else.  What are your ideas?

Child: Um, I guess we can decide when we are cleaning and going to a movie and then I can talk to my friends to figure out the rest.

Parent: Sounds good.  I remember you like to sleep in, so let’ plan cleaning at noon on Saturday.  Which chores do you want to do?

Child: Uh, clean my room I guess.

Parent: Makes sense.  Then what?

Child: I guess I can do my laundry.

Parent: Awesome.  Then which household chore do you want to do?

Child: I suppose I will mow the lawn.

Parent: Sounds like a plan.  How much time do you think it will take before we have free time?

Child: So, if I am smart I can get done quicker and have more free time.  I guess it will take about three hours total.

Parent: Excellent.  So, with time for eating, getting ready, and maybe a break, we will be done by 4 at the latest.

Child: Yeah.

Parent: What movie do you want to see?

Child: Can I check on that and let you know?

Parent: Sure.  I am thinking Saturday night around 7 so we have time if your friends want to come and we can eat too.  What are you thinking?

Child: That works.

In this conversation, the parent asked coaching questions, used clear and direct coaching language, and empowered the child to make choices.  Because the child is involved in the decisions, follow through is more likely.  The next blogs will give work examples.

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