Tools for Continued Success

Tools for Continued Success

Gaining new understanding and awareness supports reaching goals. Once a client reaches their intended destination it is vital that he/she has tools for continued success. Recognizing there may be a setback (in which case a client may call a coach to reconnect with an old issue) also calls for tools (and an open door). Coaching includTools for Continued Successes asking the client what he/she will do to have continued success.

Inquiring about which tools will assist with the continuation of newly created successes, lifestyle, or work habits is an important ingredient for supporting on-going client success. Clients understanding how to maintain their newly designed habit of organizing, deciding, taking action, or even work may be the key to keeping a client on track once the coaching relationship is complete.

Examples of Questions:

  • What will assist with continued success?
  • What tools will keep you focused in your new growth?
  • How will you measure continued growth?
  • What does maintenance look like for this plan?
  • What will you implement to maintain continuity?

Managing progress and accountability have proven to be a vital part of success in any type of goal setting, according to research. It is like when someone who is trying to lose weight actually steps onto the scale. The idea of stepping onto the scale is a motivating factor, as well as an indicator of progress, in addition to mention ongoing accountability. When a client has a scale upon which to weigh in, it gives an overall honest picture of where a client is now. Exploring what keeps a client on task, whether it is an object like a scale, or a habit, or even a journal, is part of the follow-through inquiry of a coach.

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