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Coaching Challenges and Solutions 10

Coaching Challenges and Solutions 10

Coaching Challenges and Solutions 10

Coaches focus on how the client is best served.  Sometimes this happens through a coach exploring options for different professional services with the client.  Other times it occurs because the coach removes them self as a coach and provides options for different services.  Sometimes a coach recommends a different coach that will better serve the client.  A different possibility is that the client sees both a coach and another professional at the same time.  In a case like that it is possible for the professionals and the client to sign an agreement together regarding communication between the professionals about the client to maximize the value of services.

Foundational Information:

  • A coach is not a mental health professional, does not diagnose, and does not give advice.
  • The Code of Ethics for coaching does direct coaches to suggest or encourage a change of service providers as appropriate.

If a coach believes the client is better served by a different professional, here is an example of how to start the conversation: “I am hearing something that is outside my area of expertise.  As a coach I can help you explore options for getting the expertise.”

  • What is your primary focus?
  • What is your primary objective?
  • What change will help you most?
  • What are the possibilities with different professionals?
  • How will you find the right professional?
  • What is your process for choosing a professional service provider?

It is possible that a coach removes them self even when the client wants to continue because the coach is aware that they are unable to help the client appropriately.  In that case one example of how to say it is, “I am aware that my expertise is limited here and I am removing myself because what counts is you gaining the most value possible from your time and investment.”  Alternatively, “Because the objectives for you are the priority and I am finding I am not the right person to partner with you for what you want, I am removing myself.”  Often a coach will offer a list of resources that includes other coaches and/or other directories for other professionals.

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