My Journey through Coaching – Blog 5 of 12

Part 1: A Reluctant Coaching Client by Brandi Alvarez

Today is priority day during my coaching session and I have decided to focus on communication, health, and an independent professional life.  So is any of this measurable?  Do I measure by the conversations I have, my first client, or regular exercise routine?  Hearing this out loud to me sounds silly.  I realize that while I may have 3 college degrees now I do not think I have absorbed a lot, and school did not really change me in the ways I think it should have.

Once again the digging is deep and it all sounds so hard and so unlike me.  I realize I have a lot to put in the past and I did not utilize my support system well before.  When we begin to talk about the resources I have and want my self-confidence waivers.  I have resources and have had them so thinking about actually using them is different.  All of this for me is really hard to process and I have never gotten this personal about my life before.  I wonder if I can do this; I know that sounds negative and I know about focusing forward after all I have learned lately.  I have to ask the question, “Do people really succeed at their coaching goals?”  I think as long as you have a coach all of this may work.  The moment you walk away, do you just retreat back into your old ways?

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