Today is the very best day

Susanna Theo

by Susanna Theo Theo

Each day I take a moment to recite this phrase aloud with 100% belief supporting every word. I have the freedom to set the tone of my day both for myself and for my students. This action is selected with conscious commitment. The path I choose to walk is paved with stepping stones constructed of positivity and success where all things are possible.  Positivity begins with me.

As I am vested in my own road, my students become part of this, too. Each day and every moment is a living example. My students are not just on lookers, they engage as part of the example. Co-creation. The students have the chance to hear, see, feel, and experience if only for a split second. Positivity is like a seed: once planted it grows and grows. Quickly, students see the simplicity of including this shift in their everyday life through their own efforts: attendance is solid, they become more engaged, and they see progress in rising test scores.  Daily I watch the transformation.

Positivity does begin with me, therefore, I am at the ready.  Today, a student walks into a session with body posture and face revealing the weight of worry and stress. Their eyes reflect their thoughts spinning around in their mind questioning things like: how can I balance work and school, or pass an upcoming test? In a split second, I say “Today is the very best day!” Instantly, tense muscles relax as their face lights with a smile.  Now, the focus is solely on achievements where their smallest dreams will become real.

Today, I say, “It IS the very best day!”


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