My Journey through Coaching – Blog 3 of 12

My Journey through Coaching – Blog 3 of 12

Part 1: A Reluctant Coaching Client by Brandi Alvarez

The first full coaching session about what I want in all areas of my life continues.  The questions just keep coming.  What do I want from my career?  How do I want to communicate with my husband, my daughter?  What are my goals in my relationships?  I have always operated under the belief things just fall where they may; now I am seeing people actually work at this, they plan, and they aspire.  It makes me question myself.  Have I been knocked down so many times now that I have hardened to the belief I can have I want, I can achieve success in all areas of my life?

This session is so long and so specific.  Is this realistic?  Some of this I just do not see where it is going overall, I feel like I am missing the picture.  I am asked how I celebrate success.  Do I celebrate it?  Or have I always avoided it?  I am drained and feeling fragile.  How do I even begin to start thinking about achieving goals, focus, and motivation?

As I sit back and reexamine today’s coaching session, I have to wonder how much my emotions of the day affected my answers.  Would I sound different if today started off with bad news or would my answers change if I had just accomplished something big?  I am still feeling the implications of the question “what do I want?”  It makes me so flustered and it is really challenging to craft your own best story.  Some parts of today were difficult to put into words.  For example, spirituality is not something I would normally talk about with someone I did not know.  Honestly none of this is something I talk about.  I am not a sharer – I am a bottler.  I did discover that I do want to create something on my own, I am passionate about helping others, and I need to develop self-confidence to know I can get to a place where I am content.  It is hard to envision all of this.  How do I take this new life “philosophy” and turn it into action steps, into doing?

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