My Journey through Coaching – Blog 2 of 12

My Journey through Coaching – Blog 2 of 12

Part 1: A Reluctant Coaching Client by Brandi Alvarez

So why would not I want to do this?  I am not sure I do.  If there is even the smallest chance I can improve upon myself, if I can become who I want to be, it is worth it.  Can the coaching process take a glass half empty kind of girl and turn her into a glass half full?  Is it possible to change how you see yourself and the world around you?  How you interact with others both personally and professionally?  I do not know the answer now.  I will see as I continue on this coaching journey.

I am now beginning my first full session and this is so hard I am not looking forward to this conversation.  I have no idea what I am doing or where I am going.  Several minutes into this I know I no longer want to hear the question, “What else do you want?” again.  Honestly, does anyone know?  I am not good at answering these personal questions even though there is no right answer.  Am I going about this right, should I be divulging so much or am I not digging deep enough?  I am being asked about my legacy; honestly I have never thought about it.  It really makes me think.  Who do I want to be?  What will people remember about me?  When I respond I wonder if this is me or just a version I think is me.

One thing I am discovering about myself is I cannot see the future; I have a hard time even visualizing 30 days out.  I have always hated that interview question, where do you see yourself in 5 years, 10 years.  My honest answer, I do not know.  I have never taken time out to plan my future.  I think I tried it once in high school and I have come nowhere close to that vision.  I always feel I don’t know the answer.  I knew this coaching session was going to be a lot of questions and planned 90 minutes – have I ever talked about myself that long?

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