Coaching and Time

Sometimes people hire a coach because they want to learn time management.   Other times people who want a coach don’t have the time to find one and then work with their coach.  As a coach, how are you ensuring your readiness for working with clients on time management as a skill or as a tool for achieving goals?  Your comfort level with time management enhances your coaching.  Having or creating time management tools supports your client’s success and your own success as a coach.

During the Certified Master Coach class at the Center for Coaching Certification, we discuss a number of resources and tools (which are then made available on the Master Coach login).  For example, with a coaching client who wants to develop time management skills, provide a process.  One option is a Time Management System wherein the client writes their schedule, tracks what they accomplish, and reflects on their results.  As an option for managing time and action steps toward goal achievement, Outlook Calendars are easily set up by anyone with a Windows-based PC or there are alternative programs for Apple.  The calendar can be shared with the coach so that the conversation during coaching sessions is easily focused and efficient.

Additional resources offered by coaches to their clients include:

  • Delegation Progress Tool – listing the progression through levels of delegation with talking points for managing increasing independence.
  • Prioritization Table – creating a “To Do” list and then prioritizing each item.

Explore your knowledge on and comfort level with time management.  Review tools that are available either on the Master Coach login page, online, and in your computer.  Consider creating tools where appropriate.  As a coach, be prepared to work with your clients developing time management skills and managing time effectively to support their success.

What are your tips on time management?

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