Language is the Foundation

Language Is The Foundation

by Cathy Liska,

From the chapter on Language is the Foundation: Consider how language impacts you personally.  Test it by thinking about something you want to accomplish.  Say to yourself, “I wish I was able to do it.”  How does that feel?  Now say to yourself, “I am moving forward and doing it.”  How is that different? 

Language Is The FoundationPositive language creates positive thinking which creates positive feelings that lead to positive actions which create positive outcomes that build confidence which supports positivity.  Whew!  Using positive language for exploring and acting on thoughts, feelings, and behavior is the foundation for maximizing success.  A high level of positivity enhances brain capacity and function, and impacts confidence. 

Language used to express thoughts and beliefs creates self-fulfilling prophecies.  Reframing challenging or negative experiences with positive, proactive language supports positivity and confidence.  Talking about wins and good experiences also supports confidence and creates positivity, plus builds momentum.  Positivity and confidence enhance individual ability to face challenge and change.  Positivity through language enhances skills including decision making, proactivity, and emotional intelligence.

This chapter in Coaching Perspectives V uses the story of two brothers to demonstrate the power of words.  What they hear, what they think, and how that translates into their actions and outcomes provide a clear illustration the importance of language.  Tips for coaching and tips for doing more research are included throughout.

Read the Language is the Foundation chapter in Coaching Perspectives V for more.

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