About Coaching and Becoming a Coach

I want to become a coach!

What is coaching?  TheInternational Coach Federation (ICF),defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. Coaching is: Advanced Development for Advanced Results.

On the Center for Coaching Certifications You Tube channel, you can watch a video on Coaching Certification to get an understanding of how to become a coach.  Coaching is a skill set that is valuable at work, at home, and in all our interactions. Coaching supports individuals at every level to move towards a goal. 

How can I become a coach? Coaching is growing as a profession and as it matures, just as with any profession, to truly become a good, trusted coach, start with training.  At the Center for Coaching Certification, we start Certified Professional Coach Certification because it provides a foundational skill set useful in all roles and is an opportunity to understand coaching and determine interest in moving toward coaching as your vocation and avocation. Next are the Certified Master Coach and Certified Coach Specialist programs to move toward qualifying for ICF membership and credentialing. Visit https://www.coachcert.com/en/about/faqs/how-to-become-a-coach.htmlfor a complete explanation.

What can I do as a coach?

  • Build your own business within which you empower individuals explore their opportunities and possibilities, define their ideal outcome, create strategies, plan actions, and move forward toward their success.
  • Work inside one of the many companies with coaching programs.
  • Work with coaching firm as a coach for their clients.

As with any career move or challenge, with work and perseverance it is possible to create and then do what you want by investing your energy and strength.

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