Book Review of Coaching Perspectives V

Coaching Perspectives V

by CathCoaching Perspectives Vy Liska, Laurissa Heller, Margi Bush, Clinton Ages, Ellen Zebrun, Jennifer Mount, Tim Dean, Michael Zaytsev, Renee van Heerden, Meg Hanrahan, Marie Snidow, Brian McReynolds, Julie Binter, Amy Gamblin

This book addresses coaching in a wide range of niche areas with insights, tools, and techniques that can be applied immediately.

Summary – The chapters of the book include:

  • Language is the Foundation by Cathy Liska
  • Building Rapport in Coaching by Laurissa Heller
  • Responsible Risk Taking by Margi Bush
  • Elevation Exceleration by Clinton Ages
  • The Power of a Personal Brand by Ellen Zebrun
  • Accessing the Client Network by Jennifer Mount
  • Coaching Millenials by Tim Dean
  • Coaching for Dating Success by Michael Zaytsev
  • Choosing the Right Life Partner by Renee van Heerden
  • Transition Coaching by Meg Hanrahan
  • Vulnerability in Leadership by Marie Snidow
  • Coaching The Art of Management by Brian McReynolds
  • Coaching for Master Learners in Academia by Julie Binter
  • Career Coaching: Staying within the Lines by Amy Gamblin

The Good:

The wide-ranging expertise from so many different professionals provides both specific insights in niche areas and a comprehensive over-all awareness of how coaching works. Each chapter is an individual read and the flow of the whole book broadens perspectives on coaching.

The Bad:

Because each chapter is separate the writing style varies and there is a distinct switch between chapters.


A fabulous book for coaches, those thinking about becoming a coach, and for individuals want to enhance their outcomes.

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