How to Handle a Client’s Unmet Goal

How to Handle a Client’s Unmet Goal

How to Handle a Client’s Unmet GoalHow to Handle a Client’s Unmet Goal

Even the most motivated client who is accustomed to meeting his/her targets occasionally misses once in a while for various reasons. People respond in various ways to accountability. It is important to understand what the client is looking for in terms of the coaching role.

One way to work with a client whose vision has not been met is to be prepared by having a conversation about what is comfortable for a client if there are unmet goals as part of the initial creation of the coaching agenda. When a new coaching relationship begins, simply ask the client how they are interested in meeting accountability within the relationship.

Unmet goals present opportunity. These situations open windows for giving clients a chance to meet their personal decisions with new perspectives. Having the conversation about unmet goals and what works for each particular client in each individual case is vital. It empowers the client.

Unmet goals create openings for powerful questions. As a coach, keeping the door open, in an unassuming manner, moves the discovery process into powerful places.

Example Questions:

  • Tell me what parts worked?
  • How did the hurdles show up?
  • What are the take-aways?
  • Where are the opportunities?
  • What would assist in bringing the vision into fruition?
  • How do these unmet goals fit into your larger agenda?
  • What is the ideal in this situation?
  • Where are the untapped resources?

Conversations around unmet visions are golden opportunities for clients. New awareness is one of the great gifts the coaching relationship offers.


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