Powerful Moments of Silence in Coaching

Powerful Moments of Silence in Coaching

How do quiet moments enhance coaching? Offering time and space for digestion gives a client the chance to comprehend a new awareness or develop a new connection to present challenges being focused upon.

  • Sometimes a coach steps into a coaching relationship in which the client is stressed and disconnected. As a client speaks and focuses the agenda, it is the coach’s job to create space for the client. This can sometimes mean powerful moments of quiet.
  • Perhaps after a question is extended from the coach, the client wants time to consider the question before stating an answer.
  • Sometimes knowing that it is okay to take a moment gives clients the opportunity to decompress, and reconnect to the agenda.

Silence can be a fabulous tool for those places when a client feels stuck. Helpful silence Powerful Moments of Silence in Coachingincludes time for taking in acknowledgements and brainstorming.

Questions that offer client’s space before replying:

  • Sitting with it for a moment, tell me your ideas.
  • Taking a moment to consider, how will this look?
  • Give yourself time to be with this, what else?
  • Think about what the next layer looks like.
  • Reflect on some different perspectives.

The more comfortable a coach becomes with these created spaces, the more a client gains from them. As rapport and trust build, the coaching relationship itself offers vehicle to use as a reliable reflection of what is going on within the client.

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