Explaining Coaching


partnershipConsider this approach to explain coaching: Coaching is a strategic partnership in which the Coach empowers the Client to clarify goals, create action plans, move past obstacles, and achieve what the client chooses. The Coach serves the client with a focus on possibilities and follow-through.

Alternatively: Coaching is a partnership in which the Coach empowers the client to consider what the client does want in their life, move past their barriers, and create their own plan.  Coaches serve the client by exploring possibilities, providing perspective, creating accountability, and enhancing follow-through.

Each coach explains coaching differently because in that way their approach comes through.  Generally it is a variation or combination of the ICF definition and something like the above.  Ultimately, it is about letting people know that the coach provides a process wherein the client taps their own expertise and formulates their own plan.

Coaching provides such amazing results because when someone explores their own possibilities, chooses their own goals, develops their own strategy, and defines their own action steps, then it truly is theirs and follow-through is increased exponentially.

What does a coach do?  A coach serves the client by providing the space to think, explore, and talk.  The coach helps the client by asking clarifying and probing questions.  The coach expands the thinking of the client and challenges the thinking by asking powerful questions.  Then the coach supports the client in defining their strategy and action steps.  The coach is an accountability partner and encourages celebrating progress and success.  The coach empowers the client to be their own best expert.

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