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Moving Forward with Coach Training

Moving Forward with Coach Training

Coach training develops a skill set that is expected of leaders, HR professionals, Trainers, Talent and Organizational Development professionals, Project Managers, and consultants. Moving Forward with Coach Training

Coaching Certification will ultimately be a requirement of all professional coaches.  Completing coach training makes sense when:

  • You plan to do coaching work;
  • You want to enhance the quality of your coaching;
  • You are interested in additional tools; and
  • You value personal and professional development.

Research your training options.

  • What are the qualifications and experience of the founders and trainers?
  • How experienced are they in developing and delivering training? What model do they use?
  • Does the organization have affiliations with other professional organizations?
  • If you are considering a training program that uses a mental health model, research your state licensure requirements for mental health professionals.

Coach training options range from an a la carte approach to balance your time and budget to an all-in-one offering.

Coach training prepares the coach to serve as a partner for strategy, accountability, and motivation.

The CCC is accredited by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET) to offer continuing education units (CEUs).  Offering CEUs is a unique qualifier in coach training because IACET is focused on the quality of the training program from content through delivery.

The CCC training is approved by the ICF, emphasizing coach-specific content, including core competencies and the code of ethics.


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