Executive Coach or Life Coaching Certification for Media Interviewing

Media interviews have the potential to turn a slight misstep in wording into a widely broadcasted misrepresentation of you or your company.  Knowing how to handle media situations and different reporter’s styles is important to successfully conveying your message.  The message must be clearly formed and flexible to fit time constraints, while giving the intended answers to different questions.

One option is hiring a skilled Executive Coach, ideally one that completed ICF-approved coach training. Working with a coach will prepare you to identify and respond to leading questions with confidence.  You will learn poison words to avoid and powerful words to include in your answer.  Through coaching, instead of falling in the trap of dealing with the past you will bring the focus to the future.

Alternatively, life coaching certification is an opportunity to enhance your skills so you easily identify a person’s personality and communication styles within minutes and know how to respond most effectively in each circumstance.  Coach training will teach you to set goals which translates into a powerful personal message for the sometimes prying questions of the media.  Coaching certification teaches you the most effective forms of wording and how to build rapport with people quickly.

Working with an executive coach or participating in life coaching certification is an opportunity to prepare yourself so you effectively transform a potentially hostile media experience into an opportunity for effectively sharing your positive message.

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