A Positive Start

Laura Masters

by Laura Masters Laura Masters


Do you want to be on track to authentic happiness, health, wealth and success?  Do you want to coach your clients to the same desired level of overall personal wellbeing?  If so, there is good news!  Positivity, the intentional practice of being positive, optimistic, and inspired has been proven to transform lives for the better.  Hundreds of studies show that positivity precedes happiness, health, and wealth.  Authentic positivity has a lovely way of producing tangible results that spark deep, internal motivation.  This naturally creates a powerful spiral upwards for success, joy, and overall personal wellbeing.  This chapter in Coaching Perspectives X explores positivity, identifies tools and strategies, and discusses positivity coaching techniques and applications.

Now is the best time to enrich your life with positivity and personal growth.  With so many of our normal coping strategies and sources of joy having been changed by the pandemic, positivity is a brilliant, proven tool that will naturally empower your clients to adopt new, meaningful, and powerful strategies to stay present and excited about their lives.  Especially in these challenging times, many are searching for ways to stay grounded, strong, and well.  You can help them discover new ways of being to create authentic resiliency, an empowering mindset, and a variety of skills to create the success and resourceful habits that will last far beyond these times.  As an underlying gift, positivity will also help your clients reduce stress and anxiety, mitigate illnesses, and skillfully allay fear and negativity.  Learn the myriad of skills designed to integrate positivity into your own life as well as how to use positivity to amplify your coaching practice and the lives of your clients.

Over and over, I have seen positivity transform lives for the better.  If you are looking for a way to effect positive change, inspire goals, and ensure a mindset for success in your clients, positivity is the ideal tool.  Read this chapter to see how developing positivity in your clients creates a powerful foundation for ongoing action, results, and overall personal wellbeing and success.

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