Coaching and Social Media

While most coaches and other professionals recognize social media as an important business strategy, many hesitate to dive in because of the belief that it takes too much time. What happens if we don’t use social media? What happens if we do?

Social media is an opportunity to make the availability of coaching services known. In many ways it is free advertising. It is much deeper that that – more than making services such as coaching available, social media is a tool to educate and inform. Through social media people ask and answer questions and talk.

When coaches do not use social media, they are simply less available, less known, and harder to find. When coaches use social media, they provide an opportunity for others to learn and to recognize expertise.

What is the balance of using social media effectively for a coaching business without over-using it or making private information public? Just guessing here – if you asked ten different experts that question you will get ten different answers.

When taking classes and reading discussions, consistently the sites of,,, and appear as mainstays. While I have been on and belong to many more, these seem to be the center of social media for a business. So let’s explore together. The Center for Coaching Certification has pages on each and is working hard to expand the value of each. Join us on these pages now and follow this blog post as we continue to explore the possibilities.

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