Examples of Models and Processes

The following is a list of various coaching models and processes that are easily found online with full explanations.  Some training programs are built on one of these; at the Center for Coaching Certification the process taught is built on the 11 Core Competencies of a coach from the ICF.  The purpose of listing them here is to give a sense of what they are and to invite your further research.

  • GROW: Goal, Current Reality, Options, Will or Way Forward
  • OSKAR: Outcome, Scaling, Know-How, Affirm and Action, Review
  • CLEAR: Contracting, Listening, Exploring, Action, Review
  • Vision, Strategy, Outcomes, Learning
  • Co-Initiation, Co-Sensing, Presencing, Co-Creating, Co-Evolving
  • STAR: Situation, Task (or Thoughts), Action, Results
  • FUEL: Frame the Conversation, Understand the Current State, Explore the Desired State, Layout a Success Plan
  • MEDICS: Motivation, Explanation, Demonstration, Imitation, Consolidation, Support
  • SURE: Set Context, Understand Situation, Resolve Issues, Establish Actions
  • Outcome, Situation, Choices and Consequences, Actions, Review
  • Planning, Contracting, Coaching, Evaluating
  • OUTCOMES™: Objectives, Understand the Reasons, Take Stock of the Present Situation, Clarify the Gap, Options Generation, Motivate to Action, Enthusiasm and Encouragement, Support
  • Recognize, Read, Receive, Reframe, Record, Review
  • Pre-Program, Contracting, Assessment, Feedback and Action Plan, Coaching, Closure and Evaluation

The following models and processes are examples from the Center for Coaching Certification:

  • Staircase to Success – This model is the foundation of the Certified Professional Coach, CPC, program at the Center for Coaching Certification and is based on the ICF’s 11 Core Competencies of a Coach. The model is fully explained in Coaching Perspectives (the first book in this series).  Additionally, it is explained in the featured video about coaching certification on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/user/ctrcoachcert.
  • STOP: Stories, Topics, Options, Plan – This is one of the models taught during the Certified Professional Coach program.
  • Process: Introductory, Opening, Focus and Motivation in Session Two, Ongoing: Prioritize, Strategize, Action Plan, Progress and Success, Long-Term, Close – This process is taught during the coaching practicum portion of the Certified Professional Coach program.
  • GOALS: This model is fully explained in the Coaching Perspectives II chapter on Powerful Goal Setting for Results.

While each model or process has unique language and variations on what is involved, essentially, they all follow the same general progression.

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