Deciding to Hire a Wellness Coach

Deciding to Hire a Wellness Coach

By Cathy Liska

The decision to hire a wellness coach possibly boils down to the time and money involved versus the degree of discomfort with the status quo.  Having said that, when a client has a clear objective and the desire to achieve it, working with a wellness coach is often their best option.

Explore the cons and then the pros in detail:

Cons –

  • Time because working with a coach involves the time for coaching sessions and also the time for following through on action plans.
  • Money is often a deciding factor whether or not this is expressed or even of significant impact.
  • The discomfort of change because working with a coach means choosing to make meaningful change which will require discomfort and effort.

Pros –

  • Awareness of more possibilities and opportunities because a coach expands thinking.
  • Insights from reviewing possible strategies because a coach asks the questions that challenge thinking.
  • The gentle push to create specific, measurable action steps because the coach holds the focus on the desired objective.
  • An accountability partner because the coach checks in on progress, challenges a lack of follow-through, and celebrates progress and success.
  • Support for exploration, strategizing, planning, doing, and achieving desired results.

For each person wanting to improve their wellness, ask yourself whether you are best served by saving money and doing it independently or by investing in yourself and engaging a coach to keep you focused and on track.

What additional pros and cons influence the decision?

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