10 Ways to Recognize Success

A larg group of young adults are standing in a circle, hands all in lime to give a cheer.
A larg group of young adults are standing in a circle, hands all in lime to give a cheer.
10 Ways to Recognize Success

From offering material rewards to showing your team’s trust, here are 10 answers to the question, “How do you prefer to be recognized for your successes?”

●      Given Something Tangible
●      Being Chosen as a Mentor
●      Appreciated With a Simple “Thank You”
●      Recognized Publicly
●      Provided With Praise
●      Increased Peer Recognition
●      Offered Specific Feedback
●      Rewarded With Gift Certificates for Experiences
●      Recognized Privately
●      Trusted With Greater Responsibilities

Given Something Tangible

I prefer to be recognized for my successes both publicly and privately. One extremely common means of recognition that I find especially meaningful is being acknowledged through the use of a physical object, like small gifts or awards.

When someone takes the time to give me an item that commemorates my accomplishments, it creates a lasting memory of their appreciation and serves as a visual reminder when things get difficult. Additionally, even though public forms of recognition can make me feel proud, receiving something tangible holds deeper significance and reminds me that what I did was valuable and appreciated.

Michael Alexis, CEO, swag.org

Being Chosen as a Mentor

Yes, success is largely multifaceted, but nothing feels as gratifying as being an inspiration to those who come after you. While words of appreciation are always valued, there’s nothing more impactful than the experience of your employees or others from your industry choosing you to mentor them on their journey.

The effect your success has on them reflects directly in the trust they put in you by asking you to be their mentor. When someone asks you to mentor them‌, you’ve done something right and can truly bask in how far you’ve come.

Harry Morton, Founder, Lower Street

Appreciated With a Simple “Thank You”

When you work with clients, sometimes the best appreciation comes from a job well done. Being paid for your work is, of course, very important to any professional, but the small shows of appreciation that let you know a client has really enjoyed working with you or feels grateful for exemplary service can really brighten up a day.

Sometimes these can come as handwritten notes, emails, phone calls, or even an in-person thank you, but these moments always mean a lot. Any time you get the chance to interact with a satisfied customer is proof positive that your efforts make a difference in the eyes of others. The good feeling that it leaves behind lets you know you’re doing meaningful work.

Max Schwartzapfel, CMO, Schwartzapfel Lawyers

Recognized Publicly

Public recognition comes to mind when I think about achieving success and being recognized for it. It can come in many forms, such as awards ceremonies, certificates, or acknowledgment of achievements during meetings.

Having my successes publicly celebrated is rewarding and motivating, encouraging others to strive for their own goals. It also helps boost morale since it conveys that my efforts and contributions are valued. Public recognition can also bring visibility to the organization, showing its successes in its endeavors. Moreover, it helps establish credibility and trust with stakeholders, partners, customers, and potential recruits.

Mariusz Michalowski, Community and Career Expert, Spacelift

Provided With Praise

I always prefer to be recognized for success with praise rather than with rewards (although those are nice, too). However, regular praise for jobs and tasks done well is always a motivating factor to help me feel inspired to reach new goals and heights in my career. When I feel recognized for the work I’m doing, then I end up pushing myself even further.

Asma Hafejee, Senior Marketing Executive, CMR Surgical

Increased Peer Recognition

Humans are fundamentally social creatures. We all naturally like to be respected and treated nicely by those around us. Your staff members collaborate with their team regularly while at work. Unlike bosses or other employees, they get along better with their peers. Because of this, employees appreciate praise that comes from a peer group member.

Peer appreciation at work is something that businesses must foster in a setting where peer interactions are frequent and teamwork is essential. Companies should encourage their employees to acknowledge and applaud the efforts of their colleagues, whether it be through all-hands meetings or spirit week celebrations.

In conclusion, employees have closer relationships with their peers than they do with their bosses. Additionally, they think that occasionally bosses’ expressions of gratitude are forced and untrue. On the other hand, peer acknowledgment is valued as having greater significance. Businesses should encourage peer recognition.

Himanshu Sharma, CEO and Founder, Academy of Digital Marketing

Offered Specific Feedback

I appreciate specific feedback since it gives me a clear understanding of what I did well and where I may make improvements. For the sake of both my personal and professional development, this can help me understand my abilities and constraints and pinpoint areas for improvement. I would feel more content and productive by being recognized in this way.

Michael Lees, Chief Marketing Officer, EZLease

Rewarded With Gift Certificates for Experiences

While I enjoy being recognized for successes, as someone who doesn’t relish being the center of attention, I’m not a big fan of big events or celebrations to show appreciation.

On the other hand, a generic gift card can feel uninspired. What I much prefer are experiential gift certificates that reflect the gift-giver’s attention and thoughtfulness, such as a new restaurant, a family day at the zoo, or a music venue. I’m proud of the recognition and excited to try the activity, plus the experience itself creates new positive memories.

Larissa Pickens, Co-Founder, Worksion

Recognized Privately

I’m not one for big presentations or shows. I’m an introvert, and when I’m recognized, I prefer the person recognizing me to do so one-on-one. This is the most comfortable setting for me and avoids me feeling insecure about my accomplishments in front of a group. I love the recognition; I just don’t need everyone to know about my success.

Scott Krager, Founder, Key Fob Replacement

Trusted With Greater Responsibilities

To be trusted with greater responsibilities or offered an additional challenge in my field is really the best way to reward me. That way, I know that my current efforts have been noticed and appreciated, and it also gives me an opportunity to take on something new with the confidence that I will succeed.

To be recognized in ways that foster personal growth instead of simple praise has always been more meaningful to me than any words of appreciation could ever be.

Johar Inam, Project Manager, Solar Panel Installation

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