Resilience is Your Super Power

What can a wellness coach offer me?

by Nancy Maxfield-Wilson

Resilience is our ability to bounce back when bad things happen, and is increasingly critical to thriving, not just surviving, the chaos, stress, and volatility of modern life.  While some of us are naturally more resilient to start, the great news is resilience is a set of skills that can be developed.  Even better, we can learn to transform adversity into opportunity as we grow these resilience skills.

Learning to work with our biology can help us manage our stress, performance, and wellbeing effectively, giving us greater capacity in our life, either personally or professionally.  Research supports developing mind, body, and heart-based anchors to weather rough seas and rapid change in our life.

While resilience skills involve much more than stress management, effective stress management gives us the cognitive space and presence of mind to do the work of self-awareness and resilience.  Since most of us are likely to have more stress in our lives in the future, managing stress effectively is key to both health and happiness.  Becoming aware of our key beliefs, values, and personal mission are critical components of living our life in alignment with our values.

Creating accountability partners is a critical part of establishing new habits and reaching our goals; I have found coaching a particularly effective approach to helping clients develop resilience habits in all 3 domains (mind, body, and heart).

From the research:

  • Of people who consciously decide to set a goal, 25% achieve their goal.
  • Of people who decide when they will do it, 40% achieve their goal.
  • Of people who plan how they will do it, 50% achieve their goal.
  • Of people who commit to someone else they will do it, 65% achieve their goal.
  • Of people who make a specific appointment with a coach or accountability partner, 90% achieve their goal.

If you want to learn more about resilience coaching, go to and read my chapter in Coaching Perspectives VII.

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